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What do you know about landing that next job? What were your experiences with IT recruitment agencies? Where has the recruitment process taken your business? Recann’s IT Recruitment Resource Centre readily offers useful insights for candidates and clients alike aiming to make the path to the next job offer / placement more clear and concise. You can also filter by category to access hints and tips, Recann News, and much more.

  • Laws of attraction…

    Is your employer brand attracting the best talent – and once they are in, do you deliver what you’ve sold them? It’s often said that people are a business’ most valuable asset, but today’s talent pool are a hard bunch to please.... Read more

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    Tips on leadership from the best

    For every business, no matter how big or small, one factor is essential in ensuring that employees are engaged, motivated and prepared to give their all to make the business a success. Leadership. A strong leader sets the tone for an organisation,... Read more

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    Competition for Candidates

    When it comes to securing the best candidates, are you first place, or not in the race? With the economy making timid steps forward into recovery, and with it the welcome news that businesses are well and truly hiring once again, it... Read more

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