7 Top Tips for a Successful Telephone Interview

Date published: 18.01.2017

For a successful telephone interview please follow some of the tips and advice given below:

  1. Be prepared to take the call in a quiet place with phone signal five minutes in advance
  2. Have a copy of your CV at hand in case you are asked to expand on any of the information provided
  3. Have a copy of the job description printed off so you can ensure have an understanding of the role
  4. Have a couple of questions prepared about the role and the opportunity within the organisation
  5. Be CLEAR and CONCISE in the answers – do not mumble!
  6. Have no distractions in the background
  7. Ask what the next steps in the process will be and when you might expect feedback and THANK THEM for their time, in order to show the interviewer how keen you are.


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