How to attract the best talent using an effective job description….

Date published: 29.07.2016

Looking for a new role can be hard work. Candidates will apply to so many advertised vacancies but how many do they remember? First impressions count and as a hiring company you want to STAND OUT from the crowd and be remembered by the talent you are trying to reach. “How can I do this?” you ask…By producing a well written job advert!

To write an effective job advert we suggest you get the following points right!

The fundamentals…

When candidates are looking for a new position, they tend to use the ‘job title,’ ‘location’ and ‘salary’ as their basis for their search. Therefore, it is imperative that you make all three of these points clear. If salary can be negotiable, then make this clear. With technological advancements it’s becoming increasingly easier to offer remote working or flexible working. If you can offer this type of flexibility to potential employees, then make this a part of your advert as you will gain much greater interest.

Company information

This is your opportunity to shine so for goodness grief sell yourself! If you offer a free breakfast, a dress down Friday policy, remote working, you support charities, you have a great social scene at work then tell people about it. We spend most of our life at work and naturally candidates would want to know what the culture of your company is like.

Skills & Responsibilities

This is another section that should excite candidates. If you’re using the latest technologies, systems, methodologies then shout about it. If your business isn’t at that stage now but you’re looking to implement new technologies etc. in the near future, then write about it. Candidates like to know whether they can be involved in new projects and to know the plans that your company may have.

Occasionally candidates find the skills/experience required for a role confusing. Therefore, we advise you make it clear what the essential skills are that you are looking for and what are just the nice to haves. Competition for talent is fierce so you should be thinking to yourself how much you shape or mould your employees as long as they have the core set of skills that you are recruiting for.


Keep it simple and easy to follow. We advise using a font like Ariel, Calibri or Tahoma. Use bold titles and bullet points to break up large paragraphs.

What to avoid:

  1. Don’t ramble, keep it simple and avoid large clumps of texts. Keep the description of your role punchy, Use questions to engage the reader i.e. “Do you want to work for a leading Ecommerce business that offers remote working and flexible working hours?”
  2. Don’t put too much emphasis on the job. Describe how attractive the opportunity is for someone and how it will aid potential applicants career and working life.
  3. Don’t make it difficult to read
  4. Spelling mistakes. There are no excuses – everyone has a spell checker!


For more information about how you can write a sassy job description that will have more appeal than an ice cream on a hot day then get in touch with Recann on 0161 711 0791.