Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Digest

Date published: 22.11.2017

Recann is proudly partnering with XABS Business Solutions to share information and knowledge from Microsoft to its flagship ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations ecosystem via complimentary webinars on the first Friday of every month.

XABS is a top-tier consultancy that specialises in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations. They help their clients implement D365UO successfully by providing implementation consulting and guidance through the complete life cycle from initiation to operations, project turnaround engineering, open enrollment training, on-site training, monthly free refresher webinars.

Some of XABS’s highlights:

  • * Luis was the D365UO platform development manager at Microsoft.
  • * Luis has an Engineering Excellence award from Satya Nadela, the CEO of Microsoft.
  • * Team members range from 10+ to 22+ years experience.
  • * They already have 5 D365UO implementations in our curriculum.
  • * They are one of the first to be working on a D365UO on-prem implementation.

XABS Business Solutions train Microsoft staff and their partners for Microsoft and represent a very large part of their tech trainer team:

  • * 80% of the Microsoft Implementation Lifecycle trainer team.
  • * 50% of the Microsoft Development Basics trainer team.
  • * 80% of the Microsoft Development Advanced trainer team.
  • * 100% of the trainer team that does all tech training workshops.

Following the success of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Digest webinars, we have now decided to share the content with you via our recently created YouTube channel, ‘Recann + XABS D365UO Digests’ – you will find November’s session here…

Our next webinar is scheduled for 12.00pm GMT on Friday 1st December, to register please click here.

For further information about the complimentary Webinars and Implementation Workshops we deliver please get in touch with us on Jonathan Fisher on 0161 0791 or