Recann Dynamics Workshop – September 2017

Date published: 17.10.2017
September saw the London launch of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations workshops. We were delighted to be joined by Dynamics users from a diverse range of sectors, for an interactive workshop which demonstrated both the commercial benefits of a strong ERP deployment, in addition to the technical considerations for successful implementation.

Watch a short summary of our latest workshop right here… 


Delegates enjoyed a full day master class in the hands of expert trainer/Microsoft Dynamics 365 Senior Implementation Specialist Luis X. B. Mourão, who has been working with Dynamics since 1995. Luis’s background, initially as a leading technical development engineer and now as a certified technical architect, means there are few people more equipped to advise businesses on the key success factors and potential challenges that their business may face.

Luis shared some fantastic in-depth detail on the Microsoft environment and there was lots of note taking! That said, some of the best moments of the day undoubtedly stemmed from the opportunity for delegates to interact and share their own experiences with one another. Unsurprisingly, common themes emerged in terms of the challenges that IT professionals faced when delivering ERP projects.

According to our feedback survey, more than 70% of attendees had difficulty in mapping the end to end processes for their ERP project, with many stating that this caused issues further down the line in terms of managing the expectations of senior business leaders.

In addition to this, common challenges included user engagement with the system and adapting the technology to the complexity of their business environment. Overall, it was agreed that businesses that sought expert advice at the outset of their project were more likely to see a successful implementation.

Are you planning or currently involved in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations project? If so, then we would be delighted to see you at a future workshop. In the meantime, here are Luis’s top 5 Dynamics do’s and don’ts to ensure you set off on the right track:

  1. Do your homework. Scope which parts of the software are right for your business!
  2. Do agree expectations. Before you start, ensure that all stakeholders have realistic goals around cost, timescales and results.
  3. Do tailor, tailor, tailor. Every business is unique. Make sure that you plan your Dynamics project to suit your needs.
  4. Don’t cut corners on expertise. Dynamics has broad and varied uses. Having experts with the correct skills to deliver your project is crucial to success.
  5. Don’t leave out key team members. A well-executed Dynamics project will have significant benefits across your organisation. Make sure as many people as possible understand and are involved, from both a technical and functional perspective.