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The modern commercial world requires every business to maintain a powerful online presence.

Front end development determines the precise look, feel and functionality of any given website or web application. It is essential to create clean, engaging digital assets that reflect a company’s brand identity and customer needs.

Beyond having a natural eye for colour palettes and typography, front end developers play an integral role in defining user experience. Their job is to ensure that life is easy for every user who lands on a website, wherever they land on it. This requires in-depth knowledge of various browsers, devices and platforms, as well as the versatility to write code that covers a company’s entire digital infrastructure.

By understanding exactly why people come to a website and how they navigate through each page, businesses can optimise content and create seamless pathways for their customers to follow. That’s why experienced UX developers and UI specialists are in increasingly high demand across all industries. They have the eye for design and technical expertise that’s needed to change the face of a company online, while also driving higher conversions at every stage of the user journey.

Recann draw on years of experience when matching skilled developers and designers with ambitious organisations that are looking to ramp up their online presence. Our front end hiring experts have a proven track record in sourcing candidates that not only have the right technical expertise, but also previous experience working in the same industry as your business.

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