Mobile App Developers

Date published: 24.05.2016

About the Client:

The Client is a leading mobile app development firm located in Northern Ireland, working specifically for government, housing and healthcare providers. Their digital applications allow clinicians and healthcare professionals to better plan and accomplish their daily tasks, from patient management and information access to booking meetings and appointments.

Why Recann?

In 2015, the Client kicked off an MSBI change programme that required consultants with specific MSBI experience and expertise to help them deliver real time platforms in both iOS and Android capacities. The challenges to placing these candidates included:

How Recann Delivered:

“Recann were instrumental with helping our candidates relocate to the area. We also had some contractual queries which Recann resolved quickly in order to meet start times of the projects. I am pleased that the projects were completed successfully and we look forward to a continued relationship with Recann.”
HR Officer