Why Recann?

“Recann make you happy” is a business approach backed up by the pride we have in what we do. That’s because we can take satisfaction here at Recann in our “can do; will do” spirit for transparent technical recruitment of IT professionals. That ethos is supported by the fact that we’re not afraid to back up our service with guarantees.

Combining a policy of standards like honesty, personality, teamwork and passion, Recann is ready and able to introduce brilliant people to brilliant businesses. It’s an approach that has our clients ready to call on us each time hiring needs come up.

Honesty: Recann put a strong emphasis on transparency and trust. We’ll give you direct and meaningful feedback on job specifications and from candidates to keep the process efficient. That’s transparent technical recruitment, through and through

Personality: Recann is dedicated to building enduring relationships with our clients. The positive, upbeat personality of our “Recann make you happy” style ensures that you’ll get an IT recruitment service with a smile

Teamwork: Recann’s consultants work under a shared commission structure, meaning that our whole team benefits only if we can deliver on your requirements

Passion: Recann want to be difference makers and work with impassioned clients. “Brilliant people for brilliant businesses” means it’s about more than placing candidates – we’ll watch your business progress, monitor the impact our candidates make post-placement, and be ready to help you whenever you need our expertise

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Our model has been developed to respond to the needs of our clients, and will continue to evolve in order to serve their interests fully.
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